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Turf Toe in Professional Basketball player. posted: Apr 27, 2011. Carlos Boozer professional Basketball player for the Chicago Bulls suffered an injury to his great toe last night during the game. "It. felt like a pop in my foot" is what Carlos mentioned during the injury. Turf Toe June 6, 2019 Turf Toe is a common injury that occurs in football, soccer, basketball and running. It is called Turf Toe since this injury most often occurs when playing on a turf field. Turf Toe is a sprain of the main joint between the big toe and the mid foot. A sprain is stretching or tearing of the ligaments that support the toe. I've had it before and it is a huge drag to deal with. Turf toe is basically a sprained big toe. Don't play through a sprain unless you absolutely have to. I had to stop playing for about a month to get it feeling better. Basketball is very rough on the feet, just take the. The name “turf toe” comes from the fact that this injury is especially common among athletes who play on artificial turf. When playing sports on artificial turf, the foot can stick to the hard surface, resulting in jamming of the big toe joint. There has been some indication that less-supportive flexible shoes worn on artificial turf are.

22/06/2016 · Turf toe may make you think of high school football practice, but this little sprain can sideline almost any athlete, at any point. Whether you're a runner, basketball or soccer player, martial artist, or even a dancer, if you push off your feet, you can be felled by this sharp pain at the toe joint. This article reviews the anatomy, diagnosis, and treatment algorithm for turf toe injury by reviewing relevant studies and presenting information useful to clinicians, therapists, and athletic trainers. A literature search was performed by a review of PubMed and. 10/01/2011 · the ball of my middle left toe hurts alot when I put pressure on it like run and walking and when I do calf rasies. Im playing in my high school basketball team but don't feel like telling my dad because he doesn't listen. I didn't think it would be turf toe since im not in turf. Also sometimes after practice when I am.

02/08/2017 · Turf toe happens when you bend your big toe up toward the top of your foot too far. It’s also called hyperextension. This can cause you to sprain or injure your toe and the ligaments that surround it. Turf toe got its name from American football. Artificial turf has become more common than real. Turf toe is named from the injury being associated with playing sports on rigid surfaces such as artificial turf and is a fairly common injury among professional American football players. Often, the injury occurs when someone or something falls on the back of the calf while that leg's knee and tips of the toes are touching the ground. Learn how massage and mobilization treatment can be a quick fix to treat and get rid of turf toe from the experts at Dorfman Kinesiology. 01/09/1999 · Turf toe is fairly common among athletes, particularly football players. In this week's feature on sports injuries, Dr. Warren King, a member of the Association of Professional Team Physicians PTP and team physician for the Oakland Raiders, talks about turf toe -- what it is, how it's caused and, most importantly, how it can be prevented.

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